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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mays walking

May 2011 was the first month that i decided to make my commute to work by my own two feet - somewhat based on the necessity of not being able to afford the luxury of running my petrol guzzling car and the need to save a few more pennies, but also because i was fed of 20 minutes a day queued in traffic to travel the whole of the 1.5 miles via the roads to my house. In May 2011 I have walked a total of 46 miles, commuting and on our leisure walks.

The walk from home/school, depending on when i leave for work and how many stops are made along the way can be made in a few different ways. The 1.37mile one way walk is a great way to start the day. My average time is 24mins and If i ignore the sweatyness, and the need for a shower or a rub down and a change before i sit down to work, it actually clears my head and gets me ready for the day.

The return journey is a little more fraught, i worry that i will miss my alarm to leave at 2.45pm and be late picking up the little one, or that it will take me hours longer than it does in the morning and i worry he'll be left at school waiting for me - my neurotic tenancies aside though the walk home again seems to calm me after a busy day and i get home a better kind of tired. A tired whereby i can actually sleep at night rather than lay awake rethinking things.

My hubby tells me my legs are looking better for it, and my bum a little firmer, ill take his word for it as i cant see my fat arse in the mirror when i look to be honest! Tomorrow ill jump on the wii fit board and see if my weight has changed any from it.

We've both enjoyed the extra walking, he comes to meet me from work some nights to walk home together, or we stroll into work together in the morning on his days off. The time shared if we can, and we enjoy discussing where we will be walking next, things we've seen on the walks and things we still want to go see - walking the length of Hadrians wall is appealing, and I'm starting to research this now.

What does June hold for me? We have a 5 day holiday to Yorkshire in July, so we need to get some practice miles in - odiham castle and then newbury to hungerford canal walk are next on the list.

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