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Monday, 27 June 2011

27th June - no walking last week not the best prep ;o(

Alas no walking for me or mine this past week, the smallest puppy dog had a operation and needed to be kept still and quiet - erm hello mr vet shes an English springer spaniel - unless i lock her in the cupboard never gonna happen! And we love her for her energy, wagging tail and lack of being still less its barely light out there. I've managed the week by working from home, and taking her to bed, again not much sleep not the best prep for a walking holiday but she got the all clear today from the vets so its back to it tomorrow.

A round trip commute by my own steam to work tomorrow will stretch my legs 2.7miles, then again on Wednesday, a break on Thursday and then a long walk with the puppies and hubby Friday night, maybe across the downs and then one more on Saturday in the morning, this heat isn't helping walk prep at all! Then Sunday morning the road trip to hull, and a wander over the humber bridge and back, just as a hello to the area and one more thing ticked off our to do list.

Am really looking forward to it, so Yorkshire here we come ;o)

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